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CDS3 Emulator II and Emax

CDROM converter

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What it is

The CDS3TOOL software is a small utility which is capable of extracting all Emulator II and Emax banks from original CDS3 cdroms, like the Universe of Sound cdroms produced by OMI.


The original CDS3 cdroms can only be used in CDS3 cdrom players that were sold by OMI in the eighties. Unfortunately these cdrom players are very hard to find now and even if you can find one, it will most probably not work anymore.


Thanks to the CDS3TOOL however, the Emulator II and Emax soundbanks on these proprietary cdroms can now be extracted into a format that can be used with EMXP and with the Sound Designer for Emulator II and Sound Designer for Emax software for Mac.


The files created by CDS3TOOL are

- Sound Designer for EII files (.EII), if the cdrom has been formatted for Emulator II

- either Sound Designer for Emax files (.EMS) or EMX-compatible (.EM1) files, if the cdrom has been formatted for Emax.


CDS3TOOL can process either the CDS3 cdroms themselves or ISO image copies of these cdroms.


Please note that the OMI cdroms are copyrighted. You should have a legal copy of these cdroms before extracting soundbanks from them with CDS3TOOL.


For more information, see the README file provided with the software.











CDS3TOOL is 100% free of charge.

For more information on the license, please read README.TXT included in the download package.










The CDS3TOOL can be downloaded here:


Cds3tool v05


To download the previous versions, click here:


Cds3tool v04

Cds3tool v03









Emulator II and Emax are trademarks of E-Mu Systems


Sound Designer is a trademark of Digidesign


OMI and CDS3 are trademarks of Optical Media International