Oberheim DPX-1 Digital Sample Player

Disk and File Utility Software

for Microsoft Windows































What it is

The DPXTOOLS software package contains five free tools for the Oberheim DPX-1 Digital Sample Player:



reads DPX 3.5" floppy disks and creates a DPX diskimage on your PC's harddisk.


writes DPX diskimages from your PC's harddisk to DPX 3.5" floppy disks.


formats DPX 3.5" floppy disks.

- E2DPX:

translates EII files to DPX diskimages, which can be written to disk with DPXWRITE. The EII files must be SoundDesigner for Emulator II files (size 485887 bytes).

EII Files can be obtained on the internet, e.g. on the Emulator II Yahoo Group or on the eiiiforum

- DPX2E2:

translates DPX diskimages to EII files, which can be used with SoundDesigner for EII and the Emulator II. The DPX images must originally have been created from EII disks; DPX images based on S900, P2000/2 and Mirage are not supported.


These tools require Windows XP or higher and an internal floppy drive (no USB drives !).

All tools are command line tools, so you'll have to open an MSDOS or COMMAND window in Windows.


Only DPX disks are supported, not the S900, EII, Prophet2000/2 and Mirage disks themselves.

DPX disks are the disks you typically format on your DPX and on which you can "data dump" soundbanks loaded from S900/EII/Prophet/Mirage disks.


For more information how to use these tools, simply run them without any parameter.

Help information will be provided by the tool.











E2DPX (included in DPXTOOLS) enables you to use Emulator II sounds on your DPX player without having to buy an Emulator II to create the EII disks first.

(remember that Emulator II disks can not be formatted/read/written by any PC)

Disks of the other 3 samplers can be created by a PC, so no additional tool is needed for those !









DPXTOOLS is 100% free of charge (freeware).

For more information on the license, please read README.TXT included in the download package.










The DPXTOOLS can be downloaded here:


Dpxtools v01.02


Version 01.02 supports:

-       batch conversions in E2DPX and DPX2E2

-       filenames which contain spaces


DPXREAD, DPXWRITE and DPXFORMAT require the installation of the FDRAWCMD.SYS floppy driver.

This is not the same driver as the one EMXP uses (OmniFlop).

The driver required by DPXTOOLS can be downloaded here:


Fdrawcmd driver








DPX-1 Serial interface

The Oberheim DPX-1 player can be extended with a CDROM interface, which basically is a high speed RS422 serial interface with a DB9 connector.

This interface can be used for connecting the original OMI CDS3 CDROM player to the DPX-1, but it can also be used for connecting any computer to the DPX-1 by means of the EmuSer. EMXP supports the transfer of Emulator-II sound banks to the DPX-1 via the EmuSer.









Two types of serial RS422 interface boards exist for transferring Emulator-II sound banks to the Oberheim DPX-1 sample player:

-       A serial board designed and manufactured by Oberheim Electronics. This board was part of an optional extension which also included 8 individual output channels, and which fitted in the back of the DPX-1 case.

-       A serial board designed and manufactured by Optical Media International. This board only consists of the RS422 interface, and did not fit in the back of the DPX-1 case.


More information about the OMI CDS3-to-DPX serial board can be found here.
















Emulator II is a trademark of E-Mu Systems


Oberheim DPX-1 is a trademark of Oberheim/ECC/Gibson.


Mirage is a trademark of Ensoniq / Emu Systems.


Prophet 2000 and Prophet 2002 are trademarks of Sequential / SCI.


Akai S900 is a trademark of Akai Professional.


OMNIFLOP is a trademark of Sherlock Consulting Limited


Sound Designer is a trademark of Digidesign


OMI and CDS3 are trademarks of Optical Media International