Sequential Prophet 2000 and 2002

Disk Utility Software

for Microsoft Windows































What it is

The PROPHET2000TOOLS software package contains three free tools for the Sequential Prophet 2000 and 2002 Sampler:



reads Prophet 2000/2002 3.5" floppy disks and creates a diskimage on your PC's harddisk.


writes diskimages from your PC's harddisk to Prophet 2000/2002 3.5" floppy disks.


formats Prophet 2000/2002 3.5" floppy disks.


The main objective of PROPHET2000TOOLS is to provide a means for backing up and restoring your precious Prophet 2000/2002 sound disks.


These tools require Windows XP or higher and an internal floppy drive (no USB drives !).

Moreover not all PC floppy controllers support the very specific characteristics of Prophet disks.

All tools are command line tools, so you'll have to open an MSDOS or COMMAND window in Windows.


Please read the included README.TXT file before using the tools.

For more information how to use these tools, simply run them without any parameter.

Help information will be provided by the tool.











PROPHET2000TOOLS is 100% free of charge (freeware).

For more information on the license, please read README.TXT included in the download package.










The PROPHET2000TOOLS can be downloaded here:


Prophet2000Tools v01.01


P2KREAD, P2KWRITE and P2KFORMAT require the installation of the FDRAWCMD.SYS floppy driver.

This is not the same driver as the one EMXP uses (OmniFlop).

The driver required by PROPHET2000TOOLS can be downloaded here:


Fdrawcmd driver


More information about the Prophet 2000 disk structure can be found in following document:


Prophet 2000 Disk Layout









Sequential is a trademark of Yamaha Corporation.


Prophet 2000 and Prophet 2002 are trademarks of Yamaha Corporation (Sequential / SCI).


OMNIFLOP is a trademark of Sherlock Consulting Limited